Thursday, 20 December 2012

Thirsty Thursday - Berry Xmas Cocktail!


Now if you don't have a man/woman/dog/iguana (not gonna judge) to cozy up to during Christmas, do not fret! This alcoholic beverage will make you go get one (just kidding!). This cocktail is my own personal blend of tacky and class that will make everybody go "What the heck is that?!"
You will need

  • 15ml of strawberry liqueur or syrup 
  • 15ml of raspberry liqueur or syrup
  • 15 ml of cherry liqueur or syrup
  • 15ml of the finest cognac you can get your hands on 
  • 15 ml of brandy
Again, mix up all of the above in a shaker and shake it (Duh!). Now if you do decide to use syrups instead of liqueurs, you can always upgrade to 30mls of cognac :) And if you want the "brain freeze" experience, you can add crushed ice to the glass and pour the concoction over it. It tastes equally yummylicious without the ice too. Top it off with cherries or strawberries or raspberries or whatever else that floats your boat. Garnishes always make a drink look so fancy.. 
To a boozy Christmas! Merry Christmas everybody!

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