Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Cheapy Chic - Revlon Diamond Lust Eye Shadow


Back from a long break to bring this oldie but goody cheapy drugstore find from Revlon. They are called the "Revlon Luxurious Color Diamond Lust Eye Shadow", which is a pretty long name for what is basically a glitter eye shadow. Now if you are like me, which is basically a person who reads beauty blogs, watches beauty videos on Youtube etc., etc., , then you know that one of the wintery/holiday trends is to layer glitter over your eye shadow. I didn't want to invest in a high-end glitter product (ahem.. M.A.C/MUFE) so decided to rummage through the drugstore aisle in hopes of finding something wearable (for reasons unknown, I don't like working with loose eye shadow pigments so loose glitter was out of the question). Found these Revlon shadows for 4.99 bucks a pop but they had about 5 shades.

I picked up the "Celestial Silver" (giggle!) shade to test it out and liked how it looked smeared across my lids (and on my face..yes ..a lot of fallout). Would suggest holding a tissue under your eyes while you apply it. If you do manage to get it all over your face, then a damp sponge is your best friend.

The swatch below was over bare skin (without primer). I would definitely suggest using a primer or anything tacky (gross!) so that the glitter can stick onto something. Love the way it looks layered over a dark grey eyeshadow which is the swatch at the bottom.
Photographed in natural sunlight.

Photographed with flash.

If I do decide to go back for more, then I would like to get my hands on the "Plum Galaxy" (Hehe) and the "Night Sky" (God!).

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