Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Nude Lips Chronicles - Revlon ColorStay Mineral Lipglaze in Timeless Nude


Decided to finally chronicle my quest for the ultimate nude lips.. which I am sad to report is still out of my reach. Picked up this lipglaze from my local Rite Aid for 7.99 bucks (BOGOHO.. if you aren't a loser like me, then it is 'buy one get one half off'). I am a sucker for any lip product with the word 'Nude' in it , so this was going to be a no-brainer. The shade is called 'Timeless Nude' (LOL!) and its a pretty pinky nude (on my lips at least). Depending on how pigmented your lips are and how much you decide to slather it on, the shade can vary.
The smell did put me off a bit and since I particularly suck at describing scents, I am not even going to try. The texture again was weird and since I particularly suck at describing textures too, I am going to say that it was thick/minerally ..almost like a liquid lipstick. Stayed on my lips for around 2 hours and since I wore it a bit sheer I don't blame the gloss. I scarfed down some food too, so that might have shelved its lifetime by half. Still on the fence about this not too picky about what I put on my lips so this might actually stay with me for a while.

It comes with a spongy applicator.
Photograph taken in natural sunlight
There you have it! Now you have all the tools to make an informed decision! (God! I sound like my mum!)

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