Friday, 8 June 2012

Friday Fever - Kate Middleton's Makeup

I know.. this is going to be a very cliched post, but just like the rest of the world (Ahem, UK, Australia and Canada maybe) I am a bit in love with the Duchess of Cambridge's style. I know that a lot of you'll think that its just plain bleh.. but you do need to give her props for promoting high street fashion along with other British designers. Then there is the fact that in an age where we are exposed to so much more, here is a lady (yes, you can actually call her one) who dresses so elegantly that it reminds me a bit of Grace Kelly. Lace overlay dresses and nude stockings, power outfits like the red ensemble by Mcqueen sometimes thrown into the mix, gorgeous hats and nude pumps and beautiful coat dresses. Maybe its not everybody's cup of tea but I do think that she has managed to be herself even though she has to represent such a famous family. So, today I thought of blogging a guide to get her makeup look. Here goes nothing ..

1. Prep your face and apply your favorite foundation. Conceal any blemishes that you might have.

2. For the eyes, I decided to use my Revlon CustomEyes in "Naturally Glamorous".Applied shade 1, as shown below, all over my eyelids. Shade 2 was applied on the outer V of my lids and blended well with shade 1. Took a bit of shade 2 and mixed it with 4 to apply to the crease. Blend well. Shade 3 was then used to higlight below my eyebrows and the inner corner of my lids.

3. Line your lower water line with a pinky white liner. I use the "Pixi Eye Bright Liner in Nude" but you can substitute it with your favorite eye pencil. Use a flesh toned liner and not a white liner.

4. Line your eyes  with a black liner (liquid/kohl/pencil). Apply copious amounts of mascara and your eyes are done!

5. Back to the face and as you can see, Kate loves herself some blusher! I don't think I've ever come across a picture of hers without her blusher on. But in the picture, she has contoured her face as well. Using a light bronzer and a very light touch, contour just below your cheek bones right upto your hairline. Blend it well so that you don't see a line of bronzer. You can also apply some on your temples and your jawline. Bourjois has some nice bronzers that I love to work with.
Now, to the blush, there are many options for peachy pink shades. You can use your favorite that suits your skin tone. For a shade range to compare to, you have M.A.C blush in "Fleur Power" or "Pinch O'Peach". Apply the blush onto your cheek bones and to the apples of your cheeks and your done!

Voila! Finito!

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