Friday, 15 June 2012

Friday Fever - MUG Eyeshadows!

Who doesn't love a good affordable dupe? Especially one that is cruelty free! The MakeupGeek (MUG) eyeshadows have been in the market for quite sometime now but I've never felt the urge to buy them. That is, until I came across its reviews. Comparisons have been made to  M.A.C eyeshadows and I can say that they come quite close. For ~6$ (~330 INR) per pan, they are definitely more affordable than the M.A.C shadows (now that M.A.C has hiked up its price :( Why do they keep doing that?? And they have also decided to move to China which means that M.A.C are no longer cruelty free (Another sad face) ). You can buy these shadows in their pan or compact forms and as an added bonus, these pans fit into the M.A.C palettes.

My camera has been a bit wonky so am not able provide the swatches of these. But the products have been swatched on the MUG site and they are pretty damn close (have linked them to the names of the shadows). I will also link a couple of blog posts about these shadows (coz they have swatches of shades that I don't have).
I got a couple of shadows through my friend (who is living in the U.S) but the MUG store does ship worldwide. You can check out their FAQ and Customer Service links for more information. So getting to the eyeshadows :
1. Corrupt - the most pigmented matte black shadow that I've ever come across. Absolutely gorgeous! There might be a bit of a fallout but can definitely work with it just coz it is so damn beautiful!
2. Cocoa Bear - another matte shadow and this one is a beautiful reddish warm brown shade. Blends really well and is very pigmented considering it is a matte shadow.
3. Sensuous - plumy purple shadow with flecks of silver. Gorgeous! Have used it almost for a week now and still not bored with it.
4. Chickadee - another matte shadow :) Yellowish orange shade which I thought would look beautiful for the summer(found the shade too unique to pass up on). Ideal shade for using as a pop of color or as a liner or if your not a chicken shit as me, then all over your eyelids :)
All the MUG eyeshadows are cruelty free and other than the shades "Maderine" and "Fuji", these shadows are Talc and Paraben free as well.

You'll can also check out these blog posts for more reviews about these shadows :
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