Sunday, 3 June 2012

Dewy Winter Foundation Routine

After months of painful experimentation (just kidding), I have knocked down my favorite foundation routine. And this works (sadly) when my skin is on the drier side .. so for the oilier ladies like me, winter months. Here goes nothing...

Step 1: Cleanse and wash your face. (Cleansing is so optional especially in winter when you don't want to be dilly dallying with water)

Step 2: Moisturize moisturize moisturize! If your prone to breakouts, I would recommend finding a non greasy formula that works with your skin type. Olay Natural White Light Cream is what I tend to use if I am not using a sun screen.

Step 3: Sun screen. With all the green house effect and global warming articles that come across my screen daily, I have become a bit paranoid about skin cancer :( 

Step 4: Finally, the foundation. If your skin is relatively clear, you can get away with just concealer or a tinted moisturizer/BB Cream. I like using my foundation as it is on the dewy-er (don't think that's a word) side and its the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in shade 53. It smells absolutely divine! Its on the dewy-er side so if you have oily skin you might want to switch it to a matt-ier (just making up words as I go) foundation.

Step 5: Conceal/hide :) I use the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lift and Firm Concealer as its creamy and conceals a fair bit. Blending is key. You do not want to see a splodge of shoddy cream on your face. It should match your foundation and conceal. So stippling or tapping (?? new at this whole beauty blogging ..forgive moi).

Step 6: Highlight. Love highlighting. Generally in life, just love highlighting everything..even texts! For the face, I use Philosophy Heavenly Pink Illuminator. I take a dab or a spot of the highlighter and mix it with my foundation. Dab this concoction on your cheek bones, temples (if needed), cupid's bow over your lips. I do not tend to highlight my chin or nose as they tend to get greasy over the day. The highlight that I use does not contain any shimmer and I prefer it that way.

Voila! Your done! I still haven't perfected my oily skin foundation routine. But will get on with it. Just waiting for my skin to get to its oily best.


  1. Where can I get the philosophy illuminator?

  2. I bought it online from Strawberrynet. The link,if you like is

    I got it on sale for around Rs 700/-

  3. I love the bourjois one... It gives a nice coverage.... :)The best dewy makeup which I have ever tried is clinique foundation

  4. Which one? I am in the market for a new foundation but something with a medium coverage..